Open Your Own Store

Have you thought about owning your own business? What about your own adult novelty business? Times have never been better for the adult toy industry, especially if you do things the right way.

In 2011 alone Americans spent $500 million on sex toys, not including movies or peripheral items. This is a number that goes up every year, regardless of the economy!* Imagine if you could take a bite out of those profits for yourself?

We are leaders in the adult retail industry and we’re prepared to let you in on our secrets! We can show you how to create an inviting and profitable adult retail business, all without signing up for an expensive and burdensome franchise.

  • Learn how to open your own adult novelty store.
  • Attract loyal clientele that have money to spend.
  • Take advantage of our pre-negotiated vendor deals
  • Increase profitability with our trade secrets

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