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We know, you have heard more than enough about resolutions for the new year, right? Well, we’re not here to talk with you about resolving to ditch the junk food or getting a beach body. What we do want to talk about are resolutions that turn up the heat in your love life – and unlike other resolutions you’re going to want to keep these!

  1. Prioritize date nights and romance.

Sure, work and family obligations are important, but they shouldn’t keep you from romance! This year you should aim to make sure that nothing stands in between you and love – even if that means setting dates and telling people “no” when they ask for more of your time.

  1. Embrace adventure.

Why not give yourself a free pass to be more adventurous this year? Turning up the heat in your love life is easy, and it’s also a great way to keep your relationship new and exciting. Fortunately, it’s easy to do this by exploring things like marital aids, sexy lingerie, and mood lighting.

  1. Spoil yourself a bit.

You take care of other people, but who’s taking care of you? Too often we ignore our own needs and over time, that takes a toll. This year try to pamper yourself a bit more so that you have the energy and confidence you need to take on the challenges in life. This can be as easy as enjoying a massage from time to time, giving yourself permission to sleep in or buying that pair of shoes you can’t stop thinking about.

  1. Stop being so mean to yourself!

Too many people are mean to themselves, beating themselves up and destroying their confidence. This year, why not be nicer to yourself? If you can stop being mean to yourself about your body type, gray hair, or wrinkles, you’ll be so much more happy – we promise. But you know what? You’ll also be more relaxed and confident, and everyone knows confidence is sexy!

  1. Be nicer to your partner!

Nobody is perfect, and that’s okay. Maybe your mate forgot an anniversary, or left their shoes in the front room, or…it doesn’t matter what the “or” is really. Letting go of the small things that frustrate and annoy us is a great way to be happier. So this year try to appreciate what your partner does instead of dwelling on what they don’t do – you’ll both be happier.

There you have it, some simple but satisfying resolutions for the New Year! These will not only ensure a happier year, but a happier you. Do you have any romantic resolutions? Head over to our Facebook page and tell us all about them!