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Spring is a season of new beginnings, and what better way to celebrate than a special night with your significant other?  If you’re looking for some romantic spring date ideas, here are some great options to consider.

Wine Tasting: You love wine, why not elevate your knowledge, and indulge in a romantic wine tasting with your partner. Sample different varieties of wine and learn about the art of winemaking while savoring the experience with your partner.

Brewery Tour: Are there local breweries in your area? If so, why not take a tour of a local brewery and sample some of the finest beers together. It’s a fun and unique way to bond with your partner over a shared love of craft beer.

Pub crawl: If wine isn’t your style and you’re not interested in how breweries work, maybe a pub crawl is more your style? You can hit up some new bars, try new drinks and sample some fun pub food. Just remember to catch a ride home if you have a few drinks. 

Cooking Class: Eating dinner together is great, but what about cooking it? You can take a cooking class together and learn how to prepare your favorite meals. It’s a fun and playful way to get to know each other and gain some skills that pay off at dinner time.

Farmers’ Market Date: Spend a morning perusing local farmers’ markets together and discovering new and delicious foods. Choose fresh ingredients for a homemade meal later in the day and bond over your shared love of food.

Hiking Adventure: Are you an outdoorsy kind of couple? If so, get your hearts racing with a scenic hike through a nearby trail or park. Pack a backpack with snacks and water and enjoy the stunning views while taking in the fresh spring air.

Park day: If the weather cooperates, why not plan a day at the park? You can pack a lunch, rent a bike or boat depending on the amenities at the park, bring your skates, frisbee or other outdoor games. This can turn a simple picnic into a day of fun, relaxation and quality time together. 

Lingerie shopping: Okay, sure we are especially interested in lingerie, but we aren’t wrong, lingerie shopping is a romantic outing to spice up your spring! Head to your favorite shop and see what strikes your fancy. 

There is a lot to love about spring, and there are also plenty of changes for love if you plan some romantic spring dates! These are just a few ideas to inspire you, to take advantage of the changing seasons to rekindle romance in your relationship. Of course, you can always stop by to get some more inspiration!