This is the month we’ve been waiting for, and if you’re anything like us, you’re counting down the days until Valentine’s Day. Not only does this holiday give us an excuse to eat chocolate, but it also gives us plenty of opportunities for romance!

Just in case you’re looking for some fun and spicy ideas, we’ve got you covered. Here are four simple but sexy ways to make this a day to remember:

  1. Book a room and call it a night – Nothing says sexy like unexpectedly booking a hotel room for you and your significant other. Make it even more of an adventure by not telling them until it’s check-in time!
  1. Buy a sexy outfit and keep it a secret – Wearing something sexy is always a win, but what about keeping your ultra-sexy outfit a secret until the moment of truth? This ups the hot factor and is sure to be a big hit.
  1. “Netflix and chill” with a twist – We all know what ‘Netflix and chill” means, but what about upping the ante by making your evening’s entertainment something spicy? Head on over and pick up something interesting – we promise your partner won’t know what hit them!
  1. Surprise meet and greet – You know your partner’s schedule, so why not dress up and meet them unexpectedly to whisk them away for the evening? You can boost the sexy factor on this by adding a little role play to the scenario.

We could keep going all night, but we bet you have some ideas of your own as well. No matter what you do, remember Valentine’s Day comes once a year so you might as well make it one for the books. So let your imagination go wild and start making plans today!