Spring is finally in sight, and that means warmer days are just ahead. While you may not be able to ditch your sweaters just yet, it’s the Ozarks after all, you can prepare for the spring in other ways. These fun spring lingerie trends are just what you need to help put the long and cold winter behind you! 

  1. Bodysuits:  Sheer bodysuits are one of the sexiest looks you can have. They are also one of the most flattering for all body types! This makes them a clear win for lingerie. Even though it’s spring, you don’t have to go pastel though. Sexy black bodysuits are definitely in!

  2. Floral and more floral: What’s more spring-like than flowers? Nothing! This spring look for floral patterns on your favorite lingeries pieces, from teddies and robes to undies and bustiers! And don’t’ worry, the trend isn’t for heavy, large floral patterns like your grandma used to like. It’s about delicate flowers added as accents.

  3. Dual tones: Be on the lookout for dual tone pieces this spring. These pieces blend complementary colors and as a bonus, they usually do so in a way that’s slimming. You may not see these in spring-like pastels because contrast is the goal. Don’t worry though, even with darker colors the dual tone look is light and sexy.

  4. Baby blue: Is blue your favorite color? If so, then this is your spring to shine! Baby blue is in this spring, and for good reason. It looks great on all skin tones and hair colors, plus it’s a bit slimming. It’s also just the right hue for all year, so you don’t have to ditch your baby blues for winter!

  5. Plunge bras: Plunge bras, and plunge cuts, are definitely in this spring, and for good reason. This sexy cut boosts your cleavage and is flattering for all body types. You see plunge-styles in bras, as well as in other types of lingerie. Don’t be surprised if this sexy shape makes it way into your daily wear!

  6. Delicate undergarments: Ultra-feminine, delicate looks are all the rage. This sexy look includes low-cut & barely-there undies, lacey bralette, airy teddies, and veil thin coverups. Think thin, lacey, light, and virtually see-through, and you’ve got this trend down! Light colors suited for a spring day are popular, so embrace the pastel! 

You don’t have to redo your entire wardrobe to enjoy these spring lingerie trends. Pick up a piece or two and celebrate the fact that winter’s gone! And don’t worry, trends have a way of coming back around so even if you jump headfirst into 2020 lingerie styles, you’re sure to be able to use them in years to come!