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With social distancing orders in place and most restaurants only open for curbside pickup, you may be wondering if it is even possible to continue dating during this unusual and difficult time. After all, first dates were already stressful enough! Since you should not meet people in person right now, then you may want to consider virtual dates. FaceTiming people you meet online might not sound too glamorous, but if you think you found someone truly special, then perhaps you do not want to wait several months for any type of date. Here are some fun conversation-starters to help you connect with Mr. or Mrs. Possibly Right!

“Do you have pets?”

Pet people love to talk about their pets, so use that to your advantage. Since this is a virtual date from each other’s respective homes, then your date may even bring their pet on camera for you to meet!

“What movies (or TV shows) have you watched lately?”

With more people spending time at home, they probably have much more time to watch movies and TV shows than they typically do. Tell each other about what you have been watching lately. If the date goes well enough, then you may even schedule a future watch party to watch something together!

“Tried any fun recipes?”

Because most restaurants are closed to follow public health guidelines, more and more people are cooking their own food at home. Since you cannot exactly have peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese every night – although if you like that, then go for it! – then most of us experiment with different recipes each day for food. Ask your date what interesting concoctions they have cooked up during the shutdown. You two may even swap some ideas!

See how easy it is to keep your dating life going even now? Virtual dates may sound difficult at first, but for the right person, they are just what you need to make sure they don’t slip away! Plus, just think of how smooth things will be when you can finally meet in person!