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Lingerie is no longer confined to the bedroom or kept hidden beneath your clothes. It’s time to break the taboo and embrace lingerie as an essential part of your everyday style. Whether you’re looking to add some sensuality to your wardrobe or simply want to feel more confident and comfortable in your clothes, incorporating lingerie into your fashion repertoire can be a game-changer. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can wear lingerie as an outer garment, as well as how to style lingerie pieces to complement your everyday outfits.

  1. Lingerie as Outerwear: 

Have you ever considered wearing a bralette or camisole as a top? These undergarments are no longer just for layering or keeping hidden. They can be styled to perfection and worn as a top on their own or paired with a skirt or pants. A lacy bralette or a silk camisole can instantly add a touch of elegance and sensuality to your look. When stepping out, layer your bralette under a blazer or a jacket for an edgy look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures. 

  1. Intimate Wear and Athleisure: 

Who said lingerie can’t be comfortable? Lingerie pieces are designed to be comfortable and support your body. Integrating sporty or athleisure pieces with lingerie can make for a sporty and fashionable look. Pair your sports bra with a coordinating jacket and leggings to get that sporty-chic look. 

  1. Lingerie and Accessories: 

Accessories can make or break an outfit. Wearing the right lingerie accessorized with the right pieces can make a bold statement. For instance, pair your bold, chunky statement necklace with a plain dress and a lacy bralette to stand out. When it comes to earrings, choose ones that complement the neckline of your top or dress. 

  1. Lingerie and Layering: 

The art of layering is essential when it comes to styling lingerie for everyday wear. Layering can add depth, dimension, and textures. A lacy bodysuit can be layered under a crisp or oversized blazer for a sophisticated look. For outerwear, layer a bodysuit with a denim jacket or a long cardigan. 

  1. Mixing Fabrics: 

Mixing fabrics can add personality and depth to your lingerie-inspired outfits. For example, layer a lace bralette under a sheer silk blouse or wear a metallic camisole under a leather jacket. When mixing fabrics, it’s essential to balance them out with the right pieces. Opt for neutral pieces when going bold with fabrics to make them stand out. 

Lingerie doesn’t have to be confined to the bedroom. Imagining lingerie for everyday wear can add that extra spice and confidence to your everyday wardrobe. It’s all about finding the right balance of pieces and mixing them to create an incredible lingerie-inspired outfit. From layering and mixing fabrics to accessorizing, exploring how to wear lingerie outside of the bedroom will open up the world of fashion to endless possibilities.