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Lingerie is often seen as a luxury reserved for anniversaries or special occasions. This can make lingerie into something intimidating instead of something empowering. We think that’s exactly the opposite of how it should be. The right lingerie can boost your confidence and make you feel as beautiful as ever, no special occasion is needed! With that in mind, every woman should try a few essential lingerie styles at least once!

Garter belt and stockings

Instead of being worn around the thigh like traditional garters, garter belts are worn around the waist with straps that clip onto stockings to secure them in place. You have likely seen this in pin-up style, which is why it’s considered such a sexy, retro look. This style can be worn in or out of the bedroom and can make a flattering accessory to almost any outfit. 


Babydoll lingerie is like a flirtier version of a nightgown, fitted in the chest area but loose around the body with a hemline that ends around the hips. The design is popular for the way it can accentuate your features while still providing coverage. This style is comfortable and flattering to every body type which makes it the perfect choice for anyone new to lingerie.

Matching Sets 

While every woman has a mix-and-match collection of different bras and undies, not everyone has a matching set of lingerie. A nice matching set can give you confidence and make you feel put together. Lingerie sets are an especially great investment because you can wear and enjoy them every day.


Similar to the babydoll style, a chemise is much like a short nightgown. Unlike a babydoll, this style is typically more form-fitting with a longer hemline that falls around mid-thigh. You may also find renaissance-styled chemises that have a unique, classic look. A chemise is the perfect choice if you want to feel both sexy and comfortable.

Whether you are wearing lingerie for yourself or a partner, it should always come from a place of confidence and positivity. You should wear what makes you comfortable but don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things. Of course, when you’re ready to try something new, don’t be afraid to drop by and see what’s out there!