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Too many people dislike the winter, with the short cold days and long cold nights. In reality, this actually the perfect time of year for romance if you think about it. What’s better than a night by a warm fire with a bit of wine, your loved one, and no place to go?

To help you set the mood this holiday season, we have some simple, never-fail, mood-setting ideas.

Scented candles – Candles are easy ways to up the romance factor any time of year. Lighting up the room with flickering candlelight instantly elevates the mood. They are also inexpensive and versatile because you can use them all year long.

Incense, lotions, and oils – Incense can change the mood based on the types of scents you choose. For instance, musk, sandalwood, vanilla, and jasmine are great romantic scents for the fall and winter. Lotions and oils create many additional many sensual opportunities, including the unique and sexy scents they come in.

Lingerie and accessories – Nothing really says romance like lingerie, so this is an easy win if you’re looking to create a mood. The good news is that lingerie is perfect for all body types – just find a flattering style and enjoy! Accessories like robes and sexy shoes can transform a romantic night into an unforgettable evening.

Novelty items – If you really want to turn up the heat, you can always try out some novelty items. You can find something to suit your interest, no matter what they may be. Come in and browse – we promise you there’s something perfect for you.

See, we told you the winter isn’t all bad! These simple ideas are sure to help you add the spice to your holiday season, and turn you into a fan of those long cold nights after all!