It is that time of year again! Halloween is around the corner and that means it is time to talk about sexy Halloween costumes. As always, these are simple, fun and will not bust your budget. And we always include some mild and some wild ideas so you can match your look with your plans. 

You devil you! 

It does not get much simpler than a sexy devil. You just need a red bodysuit, tail, horns, and a pitchfork to complete the look. While a bodysuit is sexy enough because it shows off all the curves, you can amp it up a bit by using a pair of red tights, and a red crop top. Of course, if you are interested in maxing out your sexiness, slip into a red teddy and heels.

Classic, sexy secretary

This classic look does not take more than a flattering skirt, button top and some heels. Top it off with an updo or messy bun and glasses and you are good to go. You can make it even sexier by selecting a top that gives a sneak peak of a fancy lace bra. Of course, some tempting stockings or a garter belt could turn up the heat as well.

Pinup Girl

This look is versatile enough to be a little sexy or super sexy- you decide. You can use “cigarette” pants, a circle skirt, or high-waisted shorts for your bottom. A form fitting button down top and well-fitting cardigan is a nice top combo. Of course, you could just find yourself a wiggle-dress, open-toed heels, and stockings with a seam. 

Sexy uniform 

Sure, it is a cliche but that does not mean it is not true! Uniforms are sexy and happen to be a classic costume idea. You can be a police officer, military service person or delivery person – or really any uniform you desire. The fun thing about these is that you can make them sexy, or scary with just a few changes to your look. Check out your thrift store for old uniforms for an extra-budget friendly costume.

Toga or goddess

Togas can be simple or sexy, and it starts with a white sheet and some wrap-around or gladiator sandals. You can add a Roman-style gold-leaf crown and wrist cuff to round out the look. Of course, you can also go full goddess with this look as well. Look for Venus or Aphrodite images to get some ideas, but a sheer, flowing gown or skirt is a good start. 

These are just a few of the simple, sexy, and budget-friendly Halloween costumes you could put together. You just need a little imagination and maybe a trip to your local In the Garden for some inspiration.