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Sure, summer is the perfect time for vacations and lazy days lounging around the pool or on the lake, but that’s not all the summer is good for! Summer is the time for romance and that’s true no matter if you’re dating or married. But exactly how can you make these long summer days just a bit more memorable?

Don’t worry, consider us your best friend that is full of advice and ideas only we won’t spill your secrets after a cocktail or two! Here are some fun summer date ideas and tips on how to have a magical, sexy summer.

Location matters… a lot

No matter what date it is – first of hundredth – location matters. If it is a first date, though, things are a bit different in terms of expectations. You need a no-pressure kind of setting that lets you chat and relax. You don’t want to spend your first few hours together in a theater, unable to find out if they even have potential as a partner!

So for first encounters, consider a coffee shop, bar or one of these low-key “getting to know each other” settings:

  • Play mini-golf
  • Head to an arcade
  • Take a cooking class
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Attend a wine tasting
  • Try an escape room
  • Eat at a nice restaurant
  • Go skating
  • Attend a trivia night

Dress up or dress down?

Next to location is the all important question – what to wear! A lot of this depends on what type of date you’re going to have and where you are going. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit to play mini-golf as you would to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant. So after you know where you’re going, you can plan your outfit accordingly. Most importantly, of course, is that you wear something that gives you confidence! Your outfit should make you feel fierce and help you overcome those first meeting jitters.

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider: 

  • Ask your date what they are wearing. You don’t want to show up in cargo pants to find out they are dressing up for the evening. Ask and match your level of dress with them. 
  • Consider your destination carefully. Will the entire night be spent indoors or will you need something that works for the bar and a night dancing? You might find yourself regretting your choices if you don’t think the evening through! 
  • Don’t forget that the clothes you wear tell a story and send a message. You want to make sure you’re confident and that you’re sending the right message to your date. This is especially important on blind dates or other dates where you’re not sure if you have a lot of chemistry.

Now you have some ideas on where to go, what to do and what to where, all that is left is making that great first impression. Of course, we know you’ll kill it ! Who knows, this could be the start of an amazing summer romance or more – it’s all up to you!