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Summer’s here and for most people that means road trips, days on the lake, lounging poolside, and a bit more free time. But it also means plenty of heat, the type of oppressive heat that makes you feel more like laying down then getting down. 

So, how can you keep up the romance this summer, no matter how hot it gets outside? Well keeping your house cool is a great start, but we have some tips that are a bit more fun to try out. 

Summer lingerie

Lingerie isn’t known for covering up much in the first place, but you can get even more skimpy in the summertime with lace, strapless looks, and frilly spaghetti-style teddies that cover minimal skin. Select lighter cotton fabrics and leave the silk and polyester for the cooler months.

Candles over incense

Candles are great all year long because you select scents that reflect the season. In the summer, you can go from light citrus to floral scents like jasmine or lavender. Container candles are a fabulous summer choice as well because they give out more scent but less heat. Using candles lets you skip the incense, which are a bit heavier a choice and more suited for fall and winter.

Light-blocking curtains

With the sun going down later and later, it can be a bit harder to get that “after hours” feel going. Fortunately you can create a late night feel in your home long before the summer sun sets. If you want to set the mood for a romantic evening at home, treat yourself to some blackout curtains. These are available at most department stores and won’t break the bank. 

Sexy summer PJs

The heat of summer lends itself to sexy jammies, so take advantage of it! Super cute short bottoms, barely-there tops, and cute sets of undies make it easy to spice up the bedtime routine. And fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to add some variety to your nightwear because there are many summer-themed prints and styles from which to choose!

There you have it – some simple ways to make the summer even more sexy! And of course, if you are interested in finding some more ways to add spice to your summer, we’ll be happy to help! Stop on by today at any of our locations.