Sure, Christmas is great, but now it’s time for the holiday you’ve been waiting for – Valentine’s Day! And when you think about it, what’s not to love? On Valentine’s Day, you get to eat chocolate, go on romantic adventures, and spend some quality time with your loved one.

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to make this one of your best Valentine’s Days on record, then we’ve got you covered. These sweet, fun, and sexy ideas can help you turn up the heat a bit this year.

1. Surprise meet-up – Routines can kill the romance, but you can shake that up this time around. On the other hand, routines mean you probably know your partner’s schedule pretty well. Use that insider knowledge to meet them unexpectedly and whisk them away for an evening of romance.

2. Sexy, secret outfit – You probably have plenty of sexy things laying around the house, but why not get something new? Something they’ve never seen? You can turn up the spice-factor by keeping it a secret until the last moment. If you want to go for shock, then buy something that’s completely unlike your normal style.

3. Secret hotel romp – A night in a hotel with your partner is always sexy, no matter the time of year. You can make it even sexier by secretly booking it, and surprising them with it on the big day. You can do it on the less expensive side if you want an adventure, or treat yourself to a suite if you’re all about the luxury.

4. Movie night with a twist – Movie nights at home can be romantic, but you can take things up a few notches by making the evening’s entertainment a bit spicy. Like most things on Valentine’s Day, it’ll be better if it’s secret. Let them think it’s an ordinary night and then wow them! We may be biased, but you can always come on over and find the perfect flick!

Every day should be like Valentine’s Day when you’re in a relationship, but why not take the opportunity to create some real memories? Of course, if you need some inspiration, then you can stop in and take a look. We are absolutely sure you’ll find some things you like!