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There are many reasons to love spring, starting with the fact that it signifies the end of winter and the beginning of warm days and pleasant nights. It is also an especially romantic time of year, maybe because people are ready to get out and enjoy experiences together after being stuck inside all winter!

Now that the spring is here, what do you and your significant other plan to do with it? If you want to shake things up on your next date night but are not sure where to start, we have you. Here are some lovely spring date ideas you can give a try.

1. Take a hike: Even if there is a bit of a chill left in the air, taking a hike is an enjoyable way to enjoy outdoor time together. Pick an easy route and take lots of pictures together.

2. Have a picnic: Picnicking is a treat, especially when it is a meal with your favorite person. Keep it simple and do not forget to pack a dessert, you deserve it!

3. Outdoor movie night: Some parks have outdoor movie nights, but you can get a projector and have your own. You can also just simply set up your laptop on your patio and kick back with some wine and popcorn.

4. Hit a farmer’s market: Browsing the local farmer’s market is a very spring activity. You can find treats and buy food to cook together. Many also have food vendors, so you can have a little meal, too.

5. Go stargazing: You’ll have to pick a night with few clouds but gazing at the stars is a romantic way to top off a spring evening. There are stargazing apps you can download if you want a little help finding constellations.

6. Rent a paddleboat: You will feel like you’re in a romantic comedy when you rent a paddleboat! Many parks that have water features have these for rent. It is inexpensive, easy and a fantastic way to make memories.

7. Pub crawl time: Hit up your favorite pubs and enjoy your drinks on the patio. This gives you the fun of a pub crawl plus outdoor time. Of course, you can just opt to have a meal on the patio, and people watch as other people go from pub to pub.

8. Visit a museum or gallery: It is easy and often preferable to stay at home and inside during the long chilly winter. Now is an enjoyable time to shake off the winter blues by visiting a museum or gallery. Top the night off with a meal and you have the perfect spring date!

9. Festival time: Are there local festivals going on? Music, art, local celebrations, and food truck festivals are a wonderful way to pass some time. Check with your local news outlets to see what is going on in your area.

10. Wine and paint: What could be better than sampling wine and giving your creativity an outlet? Even if you cannot paint, these types of events are a fun way to create memories. Just look up “wine and painting” to find places to visit in your area.

Now you have some ideas on where to go, the rest is up to you! And who knows, you could be kicking off a summer romance or lifetime love affair. And if you are already in a relationship, you can simply rekindle that flame and fall back in love.