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Spring’s right around the corner and that is great, but there is another season coming up that has us a bit more excited – wedding season! No, it is not the weddings we are especially excited about, it is the bachelorette party that comes before it! May and June are the two most popular months to have weddings and with every one of them, there is a fantastic opportunity to get together with the gals and have a fun time.

While joining the party is easy and fun, planning a girl’s night on the town can be a bit stressful. We get it, and we are here to help. So, if your bestie is getting married and you have the honor of planning the bachelorette party, read on for some tips to make it an eventful, fun and stress-free night.

Here are tips for planning the perfect bachelorette party so that you can make that last free night one for the record books!

Step 1 – Talk with the bride-to-be: You may be doing the heavy lifting, but this is not your party! The soon-to-be bride needs to be the focus of the night, so you need to ask them what kind of evening they really want. Do not guess and do not make assumptions! Instead, sit down with your friend and ask them what they’d love to do on their last night as a single lady. This includes getting details about the type of entertainment they want, a couple dates that work for them and a list of who they want to include. If you do this before you start making plans, you will save yourself time and plenty of frustration. 

Step 3 – Start making calls: There are lots of calls to make so start out by calling the guests. You should have a calendar handy so you can put everyone’s availability down on paper. This can be a bit difficult because you need to find a date that works for the bride and every guest on the list. So, while it might be the first annoying task on your list, it’s best to get it over with early on. When you have pinpointed a date that works, send everyone an email, e-vite and text telling them to save the date. You can also ask everyone to send you ideas for things to do based on the things the bride said they wanted to do.

Step 3 – Write down ideas: Once you know what kind of evening your friend wants, you should brainstorm ideas around it. If they want to do a pub crawl, think of some local hot spots that are within walking distance from another. If they want to listen to live music, look at who is playing in your town. If they want an 80’s style house party, make a list of cliche 80’s themed things. Whatever it is, write down all your ideas, the good and the bad. From there you can narrow down the choices into a fool-proof plan for an evening of bachelorette fun and games.

Step 4 – Take your plan to the boss: You may or may not need to do this step, depending on how much detail your friend needs. But if you do need to, share your plans in whatever detail you deem necessary. Some people may be fine with something as simple as “I have 4 bars and one karaoke place for us to hit up, it will be great!” Others might need to get in the weeds a bit with times, addresses, and options at each location. Once they are good with your plans, share it with the group.

Step 5 – Shop for favors and food: If your plan includes a pre-game meal or an evening at home with games, food, and fun, now is the time to shop. If you need decorations, get them early so you do not have to run around at the last minute. The same goes for drinks, game items, bachelorette accessories (you know what we are talking about) and non-perishable food items. By getting everything, you can early you will be able to relax as the big night approaches.

Step 6…. okay, there really is no step six, it is just time to hit the town! All the work you have done to organize an evening of bachelorette fun has paid off and now you can simply enjoy it. And of course, you can always stop by our store for some ideas and goodies to make the night even more special.