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We know you are thinking about summer, and you are not alone. We have been looking forward to some lazy days on the lake, poolside or just on the deck with a cocktail for months. Another thing we have been looking forward to are summer lingerie trends, and we are not disappointed. Whether you are a lingerie fanatic, or a casual lover of lace and frill, there is something for everybody this year.

Here are a few of the spicy, hot lingerie trends hitting the racks this summer!

Classic boy shorts 

It is hard to argue with boy shorts. They are cute, comfortable, and sexy – everything you could want! And while boy shorts are about always in fashion, this year we are seeing a nice play on the classic with new materials to ramp up the sexiness. Lacy material and ultra-feminine patterns paired with that traditional boy-short cut are all the rage. You get that same playful look with a little extra spice. Add a long T-shirt over it and you are good to go for a cozy movie night at home with your significant other. 

Floral and more floral 

It is easy to think of floral and pastels as a spring thing, but not anymore. You can enjoy the look of floral all summer long. You might notice that summer floral is less shy than spring versions. So instead of pastels, you will see more bright, vibrant colors and bold floral patterns. It is about contrast and making a statement, which is easy to do in a sexy baby doll with a fresh floral print. 

Unfussy lace bra and panty sets

Lace has a bit of a reputation. You know what we mean. It tends to be a bit fussy, frilly, and frankly difficult to keep looking great once you start to launder it. What if there was a way to get the sexy lace look without the fuss? You are in luck, because lacy materials that are just as see-through and sexy as its old-fashioned counterpart is in. It is not as delicate to care for but features a similar lacy look that we all adore. It is also perfect for a hot summer night.

Classic baby dolls

Ok, it is true, baby dolls are always in fashion and this summer is no exception. From vibrant summer colors to floral and pop-prints, baby dolls should be on your “must have” list this summer. You may want to opt for some light cotton material and fun prints or go for that classic glamour look. Really, there is no wrong options because baby dolls minimize the waist and tummy and enhance the bust, making it one of the most flattering pieces of lingerie you can have! 

We know we are a bit biased, but every season is a good season for some new lingerie. Just slipping on a flattering piece of lingerie can transform your mood, boost your confidence, and inspire your playful side. So come on in and check out the summer goodies, and rest assured, there is no wrong choice – lingerie is always in fashion!