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There’s no doubt about it, things are a little crazy right now. Between balancing the new norms at work and at school due to COVID-19, and all the additional stress of life, you may feel too busy for romance. But no matter how hectic life can be, it’s important to make some time for you and your special someone. Not only will this help keep your relationship strong, it has other benefits as well, like reducing stress and anxiety. 

So if you’re feeling especially stressed out, reprioritize life a bit to make some time for romance. If you need some ideas to get started, these ideas will help! 

1. Schedule a date night, even if its a night in

The idea of a “date night” might not seem romantic but trust us, it is a great way to focus on your relationship. By making it official, you can keep other pressures from stealing your time, and your romance. Even if you can’t go out like normal, get a setter and spend a lovely evening alone with your mate. You can order in, rent a new release from your favorite streaming platform, have drinks and enjoy a stress-free night.  Whatever you do, make sure it’s something new and fun.

2. Plan a staycation 

Feeling burned out? Tired of being unable to really get out and enjoy outings with your partner? This is a common feeling right now but you can change things by planning a staycation! Get a setter and make plans for a super romantic weekend. If you can visit your favorite bar, make a night of it. If  you can’t, set yourself up for a night-in with drinks and entertainment. The most important thing is to break routine, unplug a bit and reconnect.

3. Treat yourself to lingerie

Never underestimate the power of lingerie! By getting something new that you and your partner haven’t seen before, you instantly break the routine. And if you’re feeling a bit down, you’ll get a bit of a mental boost by having something new and cute to debut. Try something you’re not usually into, even if that just means colors and styles you’re not used to wearing. Remember, the idea is to shake things up! 

4.Be adventurous and try something new 

Routine kills romance pretty fast, so why not give your relationship a boost by doing something new? The goal is to pick something you’d normally not do, so get creative. For instance, if you’re not a wine person, try a wine and painting evening where you sip yourself silly and paint with a group? Not a fan of exotic food? Get an unlikely dinner and try one of everything! And don’t wait for date night, keep things interesting by picking a new night! 

It’s easy to let stress and work keep you and your partner from romance, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little work and planning you can keep the romance going strong. And remember, you don’t need a lot of time or money to make it happen, just a bit of effort and creativity. Of course, if you’re looking for ideas, you can always stop by and we’ll be happy to help!