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If you feel low on confidence, you’re not alone. Everyone has those days when they just aren’t feeling it. In the summer, when everyone is reaching for swimsuits and planning pool-time, it can be even harder. If you add first dates and romantic encounters to the situation, it’s easy to start to question yourself.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect and everyone has things they want to change and work on. That’s normal! What you don’t want to do is let those fears and insecurities stop you from enjoying life and having a fantastic time!

So how can you set those insecurities to the side and enjoy yourself? The following confidence boosting tips can help you fake it until you feel it!

Focus on your mindset first. There is no such thing as perfect, and that is a good thing! Focus your efforts on changing your mindset to appreciate your body and the things that make you unique. This doesn’t mean you will magically not have moments of low self-esteem, it just means that you acknowledge those moments and move on to enjoy yourself in spite of them. In time, you’ll see that your mindset is the real obstacle, not your waistline!

Not happy with your waist? Most people are not super pleased with their tummy area, which makes sense because it’s a tough area to tone up. Instead of worrying about it, realize most people struggle with the same problem. Next, treat yourself to dark, sexy colors that are flattering on all sizes, like royal blue, emerald green and wine red. These colors are slimming and perfect for every tone of skin. Also remember that cuts matter, so select flattering cuts and styles like baby doll lingerie and A-line tops.

Feeling insecure about your bust? We know how it feels…You’ve had a few kids, or have gone through a few weight ups and downs that leave you unhappy with the shape or volume of your bust. Fortunately, this is a simple one to fix with a padded, push-up bra set. These come in every style possible based on what you’re wearing it under and the look you’re hoping to achieve.When selecting lingerie, you can find versions with built-in push ups and pads to further  enhance your cleavage. For outdoor styles, a plunging neckline is a bold and sexy choice that works no matter what your cup size. 

Unhappy with your thighs? Between you and us, thick thighs are sexy, so why not just embrace them? Instead of worrying about your curvy thighs, treat yourself to lingerie that stops mid-thigh, or a sexy robe to provide a bit of extra coverage. This creates some mystery, gives you a little cover if you’re still concerned, but is still super sexy! If you’re interested in two-piece sets, boy shorts can also do the trick. These sexy bottoms are flattering with thick legs and they don’t pinch, pull, or crawl like other types of bottoms.

Above all, remember that confidence is sexy and you can simply talk yourself up until you start to feel it. You’re beautiful just like you are. Don’t let a little insecurity ruin the fun!