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Fall is here and that means you can officially say goodbye to long hot days…but you don’t have to say goodbye to long hot nights! This is the perfect time for romance, offering you plenty of opportunities to make the most of the longer nights and colder weather. Here are a few simple ways you can set the tone for romance this fall.

Shift to sexy fall colors: This is the perfect opportunity to shake things up with your nighttime wardrobe. Put away the pastel lingerie and nighties in favor of deeper, autumn colors. Deep and sexy reds, flattering deep greens, and warm earth tones can really be flattering.

Enticing fall scents:  Aromas can do everything from making you hungry to setting the mood. In the fall, a room scented with incense and lit with candles can feel like a cozy and exotic spa escape, especially if you select the right scents. A few to choose from in the fall includes heavy vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and cinnamon. 

Candlelight:  Few things are sexier than a cozy evening snuggling by the fireplace, but not everyone has a hearth to enjoy. You can create a similar feeling by lighting up your home with flickering candle light. You can even get candles that make crackling sounds and flicker, just like the real thing!

Low tech dates:  Put away the smartphone, step away from the big screen, and turn back the clock for date night. Dinner and a romantic walk, carriage ride, or stargazing are especially romantic ways to spend an evening. It’s okay if it’s chilly – just build a fire and cuddle up.

Movie night:  Date night may take a backseat during times of harsh weather, but it doesn’t need to. It doesn’t matter if it’s too cold to head out – simply make it a romantic evening without stepping outside. A nice dinner and new movie can turn a regular evening into an event to remember. Turn up the temperature with candlelight, incense, and dress up, just like you would for a night on the town!

Fall is a transitional time between long days that never end into sunsets that happen at five, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. These tips, and a little effort, can make fall just as romantic as any other season!