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Nobody really likes first dates. We know that it’s thrilling to go out with someone for the first time, but it is also stressful and full of uncertainty. While you can find plenty of tips about how to have a great first date, we thought we’d focus on some first date no-no’s. These are things you should never do on the all-important first date.

  1. Don’t talk about your ex! We know it’s tempting, but not only is it off-putting to say negative things about your ex, it’s just as bad to talk about them positively. It’s also insulting to the person you’re with, so focus on getting to know your date and leave your ex in the past.
  1. Don’t tell them you’ve “checked them out” online, even if you did. Looking through their Facebook or other social media account can give you a false sense of closeness and portray something that’s not real. Get to know them by interacting with them, not reading about them.  
  1. Go easy on the drinks. It’s okay to have a cocktail but don’t overdo it. Not only do you want to remain in control of your facilities, getting drunk on your first date is pretty unflattering. So cut yourself off early on and save yourself the regret.
  1. Don’t start talking about the future, no matter how much your heart is fluttering. This can be a red flag that you’re clingy and desperate, which is exactly the wrong message to send. So keep it light and enjoy yourself without expectations.
  1. Don’t spend the night on your phone. The point of your date is to get to know each other, and you can’t do that if you’re playing on your phone all night. It’s also pretty rude, so put your phone away and focus on your date!