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When you have a busy schedule, date night can feel more like a luxury to dream about than a reality. But they say it is about the journey not the destination, and that could not be truer for busy couples. Although you may have to get creative, there are many moments in the week that you can find and enjoy with your partner. 

Here are some ideas of how you can spend some meaningful time with your significant other even with a full schedule. 

Make a nice dinner together 

Dinner time is one of the best and most practical opportunities to spend some time with your significant other. Keep things light and easy by making a familiar favorite or liven the night up by trying out a new recipe. Cooking dinner together is a great activity for bonding that gives you both an opportunity to talk about your day.

Have a game night 

If you want to do something fun together but do not have much energy, a movie night might be the perfect fit for you. You can pick a movie together or put options onto little slips of paper and pick them out of a bowl randomly like a raffle. If movies are not your thing, you can swap it for a board or video game you both enjoy. To add to the evening’s fun, you can make special snacks or load up on your favorite junk food.

Try new takeout spots 

A great way to make a night at home more exciting is to pick a new restaurant and order in or take it to go. This low commitment date night is easy to incorporate into any schedule and does not require much added effort or energy. Trying a new restaurant, a couple times a month can help keep your routine feeling fresh while prioritizing quality time with your partner.

Go on a double date 

Staying busy does not just mean missing time with your significant other, it means missing time with friends. A double date is a fantastic way to remedy both problems without creating a schedule crunch. You can make it simple for everyone by opting for brunch or happy hour or make it more of a deal by hitting up a nice restaurant for dinner. 

Finding moments with your partner amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life can take some effort but it will only strengthen the bond you share. Just remember that spending time with your partner is important regardless of the setting or activity. And of course, if you are looking for a way to really rev up date night, we are here to help!