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It is no surprise that we’re big fans of lingerie, from the sexiest bra to the frilliest teddy. And while these items are lovely to wear and look at, there is a problem….the laundry!

That is right, those sexy and slinky items may be beautiful, but they are not the sturdiest items to ever hit the washer. This means you need to take particular care to protect them in the wash. 

Let us look at how you can launder your delicate lingerie without harming them or reducing their life!

Read the labels! 

It is important that you read the labels on every piece of lingerie you own. This tiny tag has the information you need to protect the beauty and longevity of your piece. It is equally important that you follow the instructions, using the correct laundering process, water temperature and soap. If you are someone that does not like to deal with a lot of special needs laundry items, read the labels before you buy. This can help you avoid items that may need a bit too much care. 

Sort items carefully 

One of the worst things you can do is skip the sorting and go straight to the washing. Washing things that are lace, have push-up pads or underwire together can lead to damage. Washing items such as this with linen can leave unsightly fibers all over your lingerie. Save yourself the trouble and sort items by material and the structure. For instance, wash items with underwires together, excluding delicate items like lace. Wash colors together to reduce the chance of bleeding. And if something says hand-wash – hand wash it!

Carefully treat stains

Stains happen, it is just an unpleasant fact. Just pulling something over your head can leave makeup stains that are tough to get out. To treat stains, first refer to the items label. It may tell you what to avoid, like bleach or hot water. Next, look for a stain removal product designed for the type of delicate you have. Try treating a small section that is less noticeable before you treat a stain in a more visible area. And most of the time you should use cold-water for stain removal. 

Skip the dryer

Dryers are great for jeans and towels, but you should avoid them at all costs when it comes to your delicate lingerie. Not only can the heat and mechanical action harm the item, but it can also cause undue wear on the fibers of the material. In time this will make your lingerie look older, faster. Instead, air dry the item by either placing it on a clean dry towel or by carefully hanging it. You can hang it from a hanger or by draping over your shower rod. 

Finally, we want to re-enforce that the label in your lingerie is the law! Read it carefully and follow it closely to keep your lovely lingerie looking its best for as long as possible. And of course, when you are ready to replace it, or for something fun and new, we are always here to help! 

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