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Sure, dates are fun. There is plenty of excitement, anticipation, and hope. But let’s be honest – dates are stressful too! Not only are you trying to dress your best and pick the perfect outing, but you also have to be charming and interesting. That’s some hefty pressure!

When we’re talking about first dates, the stress is even higher! So, instead of leaving it to fate and hoping that you can come up with things to say when it counts, why not prepare?

Here are some conversation starters you can turn to if you’re struggling to find something to chat about.

  1. “Tell me about your pet!”
    People love to talk about their pets, so why not use that to your advantage? If your date has an animal pal, ask them to tell you all about their furry friend. This is also a good way to get some insight into them as a person. After all, someone who loves their pets surely has a soft side!
  2. “Tell me about your work.”  
    Asking about their work is always a safe topic, especially on first dates. As an added bonus, this topic can lead you down a few different conversation pathways. This is also a fantastic way to learn about their daily life and what’s important to them.
  3. “What kind of movies (or books) do you like?”  
    Movies are a popular and easy topic of conversation. You can take turns discussing your favorite classics or share some excitement over an upcoming blockbuster. If the date is going well, this topic can even be a hint for date number two!
  4. “How long have you lived here?”
    Most people really like to talk about where they are from and how they grew up. This makes this question a surefire conversation starter.  You can also learn about their younger years and get some inside knowledge into what makes them tick.
  5. “Do you like to cook?”
    People who like to cook often have plenty to say about it. By asking this question you show interest in their passions, and can share your own as well. You can also learn about their food preferences, which can make it easier to plan date number two!

Remember to relax and let the conversation go where it goes. Each of these questions can open up plenty of additional things to chat about, allow you to learn about each other ,and take off the pressure to find new things to say.