We know that life tends to get extra hectic when school is back in session. With all of the work it takes to get everyone ready to get back into class, not to mention the after-school activities, rushed evening meals, and time dedicated to helping with homework…it can be really hard to make time for anything, especially romance!

It’s important, however, to make time for your relationship, no matter how busy life seems. To help you keep the flame going strong, we’ve created this list of helpful, easy and effective tips!

1. Make date night a reality

Okay, it may not seem romantic, but it does work. Date night ensures that you have a little time set aside for your relationship, no matter how busy life gets. It also gives you something to look forward to, which can make it easier to get through rough days. So make date night a regular occurrence and look for fun, unique things to do each and every time.

2. Look for new things to do

It is super easy to get stuck in a routine, and that kills romance faster than anything else! Don’t wait for date night to try new things! Little things like cooking a new and exotic meal together or taking a long sunset stroll can help you keep up the romance.

3. Invest in lingerie

Adding new pieces of lingerie to your bedtime attire is a simple way to make things interesting. Not only will this keep you from falling into the oversized t-shirt trap when it comes to pajamas, but it also is a simple way to add mystery to your relationship. Just make sure you select fun items that are outside of what you normally might wear. 

There you have it, a few easy and effective ways to keep the excitement alive. Just remember, you don’t need a lot of time or money – you just need a little effort and creativity!