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Fall and winter are undoubtedly the most romantic times of the year. You get to spend more time cozied up with your loved one, perhaps by a fire or just cuddled under some blankets. There are also plenty of couple-friendly activities to do as well. And while winter weather might make some adventures impossible, there are more than a few ways to enjoy date nights at home!

If you’re looking for some fun and couple-friendly activities to do with your sweetheart, we’ve got you covered. While everything may not be available in your area, we’re sure you’ll find lots of ideas to help pass the time, no matter how cold it gets!

  • Rent a cabin for weekend get-away
  • Take a hayride
  • Visit an orchid
  • Take a day trip to a new area that’s full of fall foliage
  • Take in a movie at a drive-in theater
  • Venture out to a new brewery, preferably one featuring ciders and fall flavors
  • Have a wine and paint night – at home by the fire!
  • Go antiquing
  • Take a cooking class together
  • Have a coffee date at a new coffee shop
  • Take a craft class at your local hobby shop
  • Try your hand at making a centerpiece for your holiday table
  • Create a backyard theater with a projector and a bonfire
  • Have a pie bake-off 
  • Schedule a hot air balloon ride
  • Look for fall festivals to attend
  • Host a couples-only dinner party 
  • Plan a night of stargazing 
  • Plan a romantic retro movie night 
  • Book a couples’ massage
  • Have a snow-day indoor picnic
  • Book a room with a hot tub for a mini-vacation
  • Attend a wine tasting or wine and cheese tasting
  • Plan a picturesque bike ride and picture taking adventure

Of course, if the weather is a bit too cold to do anything outside, we can help you with that as well. Just take a quick drive over to visit us and browse for some new lingerie, explore couples only games or other, more adventurous items!