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Sure, summer is sexy and we all know that love is in the air during spring, but what about fall? With the longer nights, cooler air and opportunities to cozy up and get warm, we think fall and winter is really where the romance is! So don’t put date night on the back burner just because it’s getting chiller, make the most of the season with these festive, and romance-inspiring date nights.

Bed and breakfast getaway: A bed and breakfast offers you a quaint and personal experience that is second to none. Far more intimate than an average hotel, you can shut out the world and reconnect for a long weekend getaway. Many bed and breakfast providers offer meals and provide help planning local activities as well.

Backyard bonfire: Don’t have time to get out of town? No problem! You can make a backyard bonfire and let the sparks fly…literally. Set a fire, sip some cider and make some s’mores. You can gaze at the stars and tell each other your best fireside stores. This is a clear winner for creating that romantic vibe.

Hay rides: Hay rides are a traditional fall activity that can set the stage for romance. This old-fashioned fun gives you plenty of opportunities to cuddle with your loved one, so bring a blanket and enjoy.

Brewery tour: Let’s face it, there is literally never a bad time to visit a brewery, but it’s even more fun during the fall and winter. Many breweries make seasonal blends and enjoy giving tours, and tastes, to show what they have been up to.

Drive in movie: Not every area has a drive in, but they are enjoying a bit of a resurgence, and we’re a fan! Enjoy the retro feel of pulling up to the drive in and snuggling in your car as you enjoy the show. You can enjoy some cold-weather treats, like cider and coco along with movie-time classics, like popcorn. This is an easy win!

Wine tasting: Much like touring breweries, there is never a wrong time to go to a wine tasting. However, in the winter you can enjoy the warm feeling that comes with a few sips, and the experience of learning about the wines with your date. Pick up a bottle to take home and continue the fun.

Go to a festival: Fall and holiday festivals are the best, so you can usually find something to your liking nearby. From art and music to jam, craft and chili-cook offs, there is always some fun to be had at a festival. This can be a great way to get to know someone if you’re in a new relationship, so search for a local festival and see what trouble you can stir up!

Now, we all know that sometimes the weather prohibits leaving the house, and that’s okay too. Bring date night indoors with a night of movies, good food and great drinks. After all, a little bad weather shouldn’t stand in the way of romance, right?